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6th NERI (Network on Economics of Regulation and Institutions) meeting 2014

NERI - Il 6° meeting, organizzato dal Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali, si riunisce a Pavia presso l'Aula Scarpa dal 14 al 15 Febbraio 2014

Pavia, Friday 14 and Saturday 15 February 2014
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali Università di Pavia “Aula Scarpa”

Friday, 14 February 2014
Session I
14,00-14,40 Iossa E. and Martimort D. – Corruption in PPPs, Incentives and Contract Incompleteness
14,40-15,20 Abrate G., Boffa F., Erbetta F. and Vannoni D. – Corruption, Accountability and Efficiency. An Application to Municipal Solid Waste Services
15,20-16,00 De Feo G. and De Luca G. – Mafia in the Ballot Box

16,00-16,30 Coffee break

Session II
16,30-17,10 Facchini A., Benedettini S. and Rubino A. – Time recurrence structures of electricity markets: the case of Italy and United Kingdom
17,10-17,50 Bruno C., Di Giacomo M. and Fraquelli G. – Effects of the Opening of the Energy Markets on the Cost Efficiency of the Big European Players

Saturday, 15 February 2014
Session III
9,00-9,40 Marzano M. – Public ownership and competition for the market in network industries: Evidence from the Italian gas distribution sector
9,40-10,20 Chakraborty P. – Environmental Standards and Trade: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
10,20-11,00 Elizalde J., Kinateder M. and Rodríguez-Carreño I. – Entry Regulation in a Linear Market with Elastic Demand

11,00-11,30 Coffee break

Session IV
11,30-12,10 Comino S. and Graziano C. – How many patents does it take to signal innovation quality?
12,10-12,50 Dargaud E. Mantovani A., and Reggiani C. – The fight against cartels: a transatlantic perspective

Timing: 40’ for each paper (30’ presentation, 10’ general discussion)

The workshop will be held at “Aula Scarpa” Università di Pavia Corso Strada Nuova 65, Pavia
Some further information about travel, accommodation and participation fees will be soon available at the NERI website http://www.network-neri.net/
Local Organizers: Alberto Cavaliere Giuseppe De Feo
Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the local organizers at: name.surname@unipv.it